Sometimes I wonder; Do I paint my own retina to fall asleep - and wake up - to...?

"When the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image."
(M. Eckhart)

Friday, April 22, 2022

'Plûme au Jardin enchanté' - going into print!

My new and extended version of 'Plûme in The Enchanted Garden' - in French!

is getting ready for printing:

'Plûme au Jardin enchanté'

Translated from English by Pascale De Nève

This has been quite a journey, and I am so very pleased and happy!
(Also again thanking Barbara Hills for her English editing)

The book will be made available for this year's 'The Enchanted Garden' exhibition -
and it will also include several signed prints.