Sometimes I wonder; Do I paint my own retina to fall asleep - and wake up - to...?

"When the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image."
(M. Eckhart)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Forever Unforgettable - An exhibition about alternative memorials

For me, this exhibition started soon after my mother died - so suddenly, so unexpected...leaving me in a state of 'WHAT??... what now..?
As a painter, I could only return to my paintings...where could I find her?
How could I express my grief...and yet, also my Hope... to find Solace...
I found my Solace - my Hope - in the painting 'Golden Leaf'... which in this context became 'Golden Leave'...
It was a painting I made during the transition of leaving Norway to go to marry, with her full blessing. A marriage she attended - and which became the last time we saw each other in person.
Tomorrow, 27th of October is her birthday... and as always, she is Unforgettable. 
 This exhibition is a 'wandering exhibition' -
And I thank my dear friend Ann Schmitz for sharing this experience of (also participating in) this exhibition with me.
(Ann Schmitz)

Monday, October 17, 2016

A bit of Liminal feeling...

Honestly... I feel a slight little bit 'liminal'...
Ahaa...there it comes again, that fantastic word I found...once upon a time way back doing my Maters (of Fine Arts) in the late 80's... and ever since it has been sort of my constant... friend?/description?/association?... I am not sure - but there it is again!
(Liminal: Not subliminal :) )
Inbetween...on the threshold....between here and there...
I have this year again been organizer and curator of an outdoor exhibition - right here, where I live, where my heart is now; in a big garden where I spend probably just about 80+ % of my waking hours at this time in life... I think I know every centimeter of this area of 1,5 ha (15 mål), every moment of the year; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...
We are now in the Autumn part of this year of 2016; and I feel rather good;
We had the very best 'Enchanted Garden' Exhibition experience since we (my husband Ignace and I) started in 2011!
So - what is this 'Enchanted Garden experience'?
It's starting with connecting with artists...and then one or two years later we meet up in the actual exhibition preparations - here, in Art Sanctuary; this garden, a rather beautiful place just on the (invisible) 'border' between Flandern and Wallonia, in Belgium.
After all is prepared, we open the gates - and visitors arrive...
- I hear laughter, warm talk, I see lovers holding hands, embracing, I see children awe...wondering, laughing, rejoicing! I see leather motorcycle-guys sitting down on benches to rest...and look...
and old ladies babbling on the bench nearby, and then stopping...listening to the music installation.
I hear the donkey call for attention, and see everyone's faces turn and smile.
I see an aging woman coming back ...again...and again... loving the 'ambience'...looking around and seeing all ages and all languages communicating -
And I think to myself: Yes, it's really an International Exhbition - in all ways!
And so, yes, I am still 'liminal'...
Because I am also a painter.
And yes, I have managed to do a bit of painting along the way!
I also write.
- I even made a book - over the last two years.
Yes, I'm proud of it!
It's very special to me;
It was inspired by my two little nieces' visit in this very same 'Enchanted Garden'
(at the time only 6 and 10 years old - and of course dedicated to them).