Sometimes I wonder; Do I paint my own retina to fall asleep - and wake up - to...?

"When the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image."
(M. Eckhart)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Norpus - My Little Angel

A little wild kitten walked into my house in Hardanger, Norway, in 2008 -
There is a long story behind, and so....
I shut the door and decided to try to find him a home.
There was none to be found - so I ended up keeping him.
I called him Norpus.
('Nor' is 'little' and 'Nord' is north)
He came with me on a long journey, from the fjord of Hardanger, Norway, to Wallonia in Belgium,
where he became my constant companion and special friend,
and the Prince and Guardian of a most beautiful garden.
At only 2 he became critically ill - the vets all said there was no cure....
But he survived....and lived on....for another 2 years....
 climbing the trees, running and playing -  always inspecting and guarding the garden
- and inspiring me....
2 days ago he passed on -
This little cat had one of the biggest hearts and spirits I have ever experienced -
and he inspired several paintings - some of them:
'This is not the last piece of the Puzzle'

'A Room With a View'

'12 Crows'
I cannot explain how he inspired this - but he did.
And this painting made me remember the crow 'RaSpirit' who came to me, and made me a 'Crow Mama' during the spring, summer and autumn of 2006 -
'Blue Bird Visiting'
This painting and the one below arrived at the same time - at the beginning of this winter.
I didn't know what to make of either one of them....
Now I know:
A 'Messenger' and the 'Message':

'Blue Moon Dancing'
The evening of April 4th - my dear husband and I danced.....into the night.....
slowly.....and tenderly --- there was so much love -
and Norpus watched....
my heart was aching for him - so weak -
it was such a peaceful evening....
- Then it was time to go to husband went upstairs - and I was preparing to carry Norpus upstairs, to sleep on his bed next to ours.
Norpus looked at me - and I knew.....
This wonderful being put his head in my hand.......
And he sighed three times......clutching my hand.
I am so thankful, but I cannot keep from crying.....


Tone Aanderaa said...

Life can be good
Life with Norpus was good for you
Life with you was good for Norpus
And Life continues...
For Eternity

Your friend Laura

Tone Aanderaa said...

Thank you Laura! Bisous