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(M. Eckhart)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Discovering Belgium reviews 'Plûme in the Enchanted Garden' (book)

A delightful book from Belgium’s Enchanted Garden

“Plûme in the Enchanted Garden” by Tone Aanderaa is a delightful book for children and adults that will take our minds off the current troubles.
These strange lockdown times are challenging for us all. It’s totally understandable if children and adults feel both physically and emotionally hemmed in and even suffocated by the impact of isolation. Belgium-based Norwegian artist/author Tone Aanderaa is offering a special free gift that might help us get through these challenging times. She is aiming to encourage our imaginations to soar! And surely that can only lift our spirits?
Tone has written and beautifully illustrated a story book called “Plûme in the Enchanted Garden.” And she’s offering it free to read. I do believe many children (and adults) will love it. It would make an ideal bedtime book to read with a child or grandchild. What could be better than to drift off to sleep dreaming of a secret world with magical creatures?

Introducing Plûme in the Enchanted Garden

“In a tiny country, not far from the capital, there is a large, old garden. It is so big that it includes a forest, several ponds and waterways, a field of flowers, a labyrinth, two bridges, an island, and even more. Running through the garden is an avenue of a hundred cherry trees. But what is most special about this garden is that it is enchanted. And in this enchanted garden lives Plûme. But not even Plûme knows all the secrets of the garden.”
Plûme in the Enchanted Garden by Tone Aanderaa
The characters in Plûme in the Enchanted Garden
Plûme and friends
I took the opportunity to ask Tone a few questions about herself and the book.

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