Sometimes I wonder; Do I paint my own retina to fall asleep - and wake up - to...?

"When the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image."
(M. Eckhart)

Tone Aanderaa CV

Born in Bergen, Norway
Artist, author, and curator


BONO (Norway), Harding Puls (Hardanger, Norway)
(Previously -  (Norwegian Visual Artists), LNM (National Association for Painters, Norway), BKFH (Visual Artists of Hordaland County, Norway))

MFA, Pratt Institute, New York 1987-89 – (Painting and Drawing,  incl. focus  Art History and Art Analysis)
BFA, w/Highest Honors, Pratt Institute, New York 1983-87
Private Studies w/Stephen Rettegi (oil painting), New York 1977-78
Pedagogical studies, Bergen College 2001-03

Solo Exhibitions (selected)
2019 -  'Paintings Inspired by The Enchanted Garden'The Painting Room @ Station 14,  Art Sanctuary, Belgium
2017 -  'Winter in Belgium' - The painting Room @ Station 14, Art Sanctuary, Belgium
2016 -  'Plûme dans le Jardin Enchanté' -  Book and illustrations + paintings - The Painting Room @ Station 14, Art Sanctuary, Belgium
         -  'Ceci n'est pas...'; Galleri Puls, Norheimsund, Hardanger, Norway
2014 -  'Girls, girls, girls' - Painting Room @ Station 14, Art Sanctuary, Belgium
         -  'Fairytales' - Galerie Marie' Schepperskerk, Netherlands
2013  - 'Rememberance' - The Painting Room @ Station 14, Art Sanctuary, Belgium
2012 – ‘Dance’ – ‘The Painting Room’ @ Station 14, Art Sanctuary, Belgium
2011 – ‘Midnight in The Enchanted Forest’ - 12 Compositions inspired by Nicky Bendix’ music  -   ‘The painting Room’ @ Station 14,  Art Sanctuary, Belgium
2010 - 'Tone Aanderaa Dreaming in Wallonia' - Galerie d'Art Passion, Stockay Saint-Georges, Belgium
2007 - 'Art Sanctuary - virtually' - A 3D site based on Tone Aanderaa's 'painted world' was created in SL in collaboration w/WieBenIk Beaumont - including changing exhibitions, concerts and readings.
2001 - 'Tone Aanderaa - Sanctuary', Galleri Parken, Bergen, Norway
1997 - 'Tone Aanderaa', Galleri Puls, Hardanger, Norway
1995 - 'Tone Aanderaa', Galleri Parken, Bergen, Norway
1994 - 'Tone Aanderaa Bilder', Agatunet, Hardanger, Norway
1993 - 'Tone Aanderaa - Bakom Nynner Måne' ('Behind The Moon is Humming')- Galerie Unique, Eidsvoll, Norway
1992 - 'Tone Aanderaa - Liminal II' - Galleri LNM, Oslo, Norway
1989 - 'Tone Aanderaa - Liminal' - Hardanger folkemuseum, Norway
1989 - 'Tone Aanderaa - Liminal' - Higgins Hall, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Group Exhibitions (selected)
2021 -  Art Sanctuary's 'Enchanted Garden'; Installations and paintings
2019 -  Art Sanctuary's 'Enchanted Garden'; Installations and paintings
2018 - ODDArt, Odda, Norway
2017 - Galerie Kies Kus, Deventer, Nederland
2017 - Art Sanctuary's 'Enchanted Garden'; Installations and paintings
2016 - Art Sanctuary's 'Enchanted Garden'; Installations and paintings
2013 - 'GLØD' - Harding Puls' 20th Anniversary Celebration, Hardanger, Norway
2013 - ART SANCTUARY's 'Enchanted Garden': 'Forest Temple' (Installation) 
            21 international artists - 
2012 - ART SANCTUARY's 'Enchanted Garden': 33 international artists
2011 - ART SANCTUARY's 'Enchanted Garden': 20 international artists (
- 'Contrasten' - Galerie Lijn 3, The Netherlands
- 'Expositie' - Gemeenthuis, Duiven, The Netherlands
- 'Kunst in de Kerk', Tongeren, Belgium
- 'For Ever UnForgettable', Gavere, Belgium
2010 - INDIGO GALERIE, Molenstraat 18, 6121 XG Born, The Netherlands
2009 - 'Belgium Encounters Norway...' Hardanger folkemuseum & Hardanger Kulturgalleri, Norway (Curator: Tone Aanderaa)
2005 - 'Hardingpuls' - at Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle & St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, USA 2005
2002 - GLOBAL VISION (Web gallery)
2002 - 'Hardingpuls', Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Harding Puls, Norway
2000 - 'KONTRASTER'; travelling exhibit with LNM (The National Association for Painters, Norway)
1997 - Vestlandsutstillingen - (West Norway Annual Art Exhibition, Norway)
1994 - Høstutstillingen - (The National Annual Art Exhibition, Oslo)
1995 - The Ibsen House, Skien & Lillehammer Kunstforening, Norway1994 -1994 - 'Women Light Up The Night' - Berlin, Germany
1993 - Alumni International, - Schaffler Gallery og Pratt Manhattan Gallery, N.Y.
1992 - 'The Triannual Drawing Exhibition of Scandinavia'
1990 - 'MELLOM ROMMENE' - Bergen, Norway
1989 - 'Ninth Annual Symposium', Higgins Hall, Brooklyn, New York 1989
1988 - 'Walking Art Show', Higgins Hall, Brooklyn, New York 1988
1987 - 'Emerging Artists', Gregg Galleries, New York 1987

2016: Poster for Hardingtonar
2014: All artwork for cd's 'Healing Garden' and 'Threads of the Nornir' by Nicky Bendix.
2012: All artwork for cd 'Vision' by Nicky Bendix.
2006: Poster for Hardingtonar
2003 - Secret Garden,  paintings were seen throughout their website, as well as on the groups's DVD (-99).
In collaboration with the animators Lettere Animert her painting Moon Gate was made into an animation (introduction on DVD).
Secret Garden's website also features several Flash animated elements from Tone Aanderaa.'s art work, done in collaboration with the Streaming Media company
Other commissions include CD covers, posters, design of cultural prizes, etc.

Public Commission and purchases
2004 - Eide Omsorgshjem, Odda, 2004 (Paintings)
1997 - The County Hospital/Fylkessykehuset, Voss, Norway (waiting room; murals)
1995 - Troll platform, (Paintings)
1989-2001 - 'Art Without Walls', New York Arts Council- Gateway National Park, New York (Murals)
2001 - Bergens Tidende Kunstforening, Norway (Drawings)
1987 - Brooklyn hospital, Children's Ward (murals), Brooklyn, New York

Published Art and Writings:
2022 - 'Plûme au Jardin enchanté' (book) French - Art Sanctuary Publications
2020: 'Plûme in the Enchanted Garden' (book) English -  Art Sanctuary Publication 
2016: 'Plûme dans le Jardin Enchanté' (book/livre) Art Sanctuary Publications
2016: 'Chrysalis' (bok) i samarbeid med Nina Irene Olsen, Art Sanctuary Publications
2016: Illustration for 'Pour faire le portrait d'un oiseau' (poem) by Jaques Prévert, course book on French literature, by Maaike Koffeman, for the Dutch publishing house Noordhoff Uitgevers.
2015: 'Plûme i den fortryllede hagen' (bok) Art Sanctuary Publications
2014: 'LIMINAL DREAM - A Painted Vision' - Art Sanctuary Publications,
2013: 'Art Sanctuary  -'Seasons' - Art Sanctuary Publications
2013: 'A Painted Vision' Art Sanctuary Publications
2012: ‘Art Sanctuary Special Edition CD w/Nicky Bendix – CD artwork
2011-2017: All artwork related to presenting and advertising ‘Art Sanctuary’ and Art Sanctuary’s ‘Enchanted Garden’ Exhibition (posters, brochures, catalogues, banners, signs)
2011 - Literacyhead: 'Reading and Writing Lessons With Art: An Introduction to Literacyhead's Best Lessons' (video)
2011 - Transversale scandinave, Passage d'encres Edition, France, about the Scandinavian art and literature. Poems translated to French by Piet Lincken
2012, 2011, 2010; 'Calendars w/paintings' – Art Sanctuary Publications
2009 – 2010: 'PUST- Fugler puster annerledes'; Poems and photos/Dikt og foto - Art Sanctuary Publication,
2009-2010: 'Poe-Etiske voggesanger; og andre Epistler fra et Mørkt Fastland'  Poems and drawings/dikt og tegninger- Art Sanctuary Publication
2004: 'DET STORE PUSLESPILLET' - novel (Fantasy), Eide Forlag, Bergen, Norwa y
1999 + Secret Garden Website (incl. Special Edition Notebooks, T-shirts, and more)
1993: 'Håpets Harpe' - novel - translation (author: B.J.Hoff) 
1989: 'Contemporaries', illustrations (author: Susan Heuman), New York, USA

Tone Aanderaa’s videos

Tone Aanderaa is currently organizer and curator of ART SANCTUARY – w/husband Ignace Clarysse; ‘The Enchanted Garden’ - Annual International Art Exhibition; in a large and beautiful natural garden, Belgium
2022 - Art Sanctuary's 'Enchanted Garden' - International Art Exhibition - 55 artists
2021 - Art Sanctuary's 'Enchanted Garden' - International Art Exhibition - 31 artists
2013 – Art Sanctuary's 'Enchanted Garden' - International Art Exhibition - 21 artists, Theme: 'C'est le rêve' - see BLOG
2011 - Art Sanctuary's 'Enchanted Garden' - International Art Exhibition –20 artists opened to the public the Summer of 2011; 20 artists from Norway, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, and Denmark, were invited to exhibit and perform in a large and beautiful natural garden, in Ste-Marie-Geest, 30 minutes from Brussels, Belgium.

2009 - Curator; 'Tone Aanderaa Encounters';  Belgian and Nowegian artists @ Hardanger folkemuseum og Hardanger Kulturgalleri, Norway
1994 - Curator; 'HUMAN-sign-HUMAN'; Galleri Sandven, Hardanger, Norway
1992 - Curator; 'EARTH-sign-EARTH'; Galleri Sandven, Hardanger, Norway
Artistic Collaborations
2009 - present - music and painting/images/videos w/composer Nicky Bendix

Awards - Prices - Stipends
1989 - Debutstøtte; Norsk Kulturråd
         - Materialstøtte; BKFH
1989 - Wigeland Award for painting ('By the Window') Norsk Kulturråd, Norway
1988/89 - 
 Assistentship Art History (Pratt Institute)
1987/88 - Assistentship Art History (Pratt Institute)
1987 - E.Burcher Award for Painting (Pratt Institute)

Other related experiences and activities
1996 - 2004 - Teacher/Lektor -  (art and art history) at Art and Design dept. Norheimsund vgs. Norway
1994 - 97 -  Teacher/Lektor at Jondal Art School, Jondal, Norway 
1990 - 97 -  Summer Art School and courses, Norway
1986 - 89 - Worked for artists Herman Cherry and L.Alcopley, New York, USA
1989 -  Talks, causeries, and essay 

Some Critiques and Mentions:
"A romantic like Tone Aanderaa would be in communion with the spirit of her surroundings in any corner of the world" (Rudolf Baranik, 1989) (collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, Hirschhorn Museum, etc)

"She has a humorous sting to her brushstroke and fun on her agenda, Tone Aanderaa… Funny, colourful and illogical 'dreams' makes for images of both realistic and surrealistic character…" (Reidar Storaas)'Sanctuary' (2001)

"Sanctuary and dream;
An air of dream and fairy tale, quiet and afterthought characterizes Tone Aanderaa's images. Birds, animals and flowers live in secret gardens.
- There is an indefinable space between dream and reality, a world in itself. My images are like tableaus, that could also be fragments of a story, she says.
We encounter imaginary landscapes, with castles, a lonely boat, a mysterious well, and a door or a trail into the unknown. "
(Sissel Hamre Dagsland, Bergens Tidende)

New York Times: 'The Way We Live' (1989)
Photographs by David LaChapelle: 

Paintings: (left) 'Closing' - (Right) 'Liminal'    (Photo: David LaChapelle)

The 'Liminal' has been a theme for me for a long time;
This indefinable space between here and there;
This 'Meantime' is magical,
a place where one can wander in and out of open doors,
dream and reality are no longer separate;,
Time is suspended,
the clock ceases to tick.

Sometimes I wonder; 
Do I paint my own retina -
to fall asleep to...?

"When the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image."
(Meister Eckhart)

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